- Veronique Lenders

Business Head – Spain

Ms. Veronique Lenders completed her schooling at Lycee Royal Arlon (Belgium). She is an auto didactic and has diverse trainings, mentors and extensive multi-disciplinary experience in the fields of administration, legal, finance, research & development, production & logistics, brand building, marketing & sales, civil engineering, cleantech, IT, HR, event management as well as all-round management. Veronique is a multilingual with language proficiency in French, Dutch, English, Spanish and German

Veronique is a dynamic Techno Starter Consultant, Business Developer, and Humanitarian Civil Diplomat at Jethrow International. With a proven track record in international business development, she is assertive, analytic and visionary. She handles her projects with a fresh unique approach from Concept to Market.

The first ten years of her career, Veronique worked for Canon, Xerox and Honeywell and then continued as a freelancer. Veronique holds two patents. Between 2000 and 2003, she worked the entry of her first patented product the "ComfortClip" seatbelt guide with as the crown, accredited by the Ministry of Transport. From 2001 to 2004, she was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Dutch Chamber of Inventors (NOVU). She was also invited by the University of Nijmegen (NL) as lecturer on the concept from "Idea to Market". In 2005, she sold her business to an international distributor of car accessories. In 2008, she was offered another challenge, to bring to the African & Middle East Markets a new revolutionary soil concrete system for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure projects, which at that time was a pioneering work. She had set up in several countries PMO’s for marketing, sales & knowledge transfer. Through time, she met other sustainable technologies suppliers that asked her to add their technologies to her portfolio, bringing into life her broader vision to accelerate the overall implementation of sustainable solutions for heavy polluting industries. In 2014 she moved to Spain with her children. In October 2022, she founded Ecosmartec S.L, an accelerator of sustainable solutions for the construction industry. In 2024, she was appointed a Humanitarian Civil Diplomat at Jethrow International, recognized globally for conflict resolution expertise.

At ECOFIN Veronique is Business Head - Spain. She lives currently in Valencia, Spain.

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