Koushik Rudra, ceo

Mr. Koushik Rudra is a Chartered Financial Analyst, Cost and Works Accountant and Company Secretary.

A multi-faceted finance professional, Koushik started his career in 1991 by promoting an export business, and followed it up with a stint in the Transport Corporation of India as Manager, Accounts and Finance. Koushik has also worked with Bata India Ltd. as Manager - Costing and Finance, and in a US-based software company at Hyderabad as a Product Manager developing finance products in Capital Markets and Financial Services. Koushik has also worked with the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) as a Professor of Finance, and as Academic Head – MBA Finance in Magnus School of Business (a chain of business schools promoted by ICFAI), and has also supervised the Consulting Division of Magnus School of Business.

He is also a Domain Consultant and Professional Trainer in the Finance domain for some leading companies in Hyderabad such as Satyam, Ness and Franklin Templeton; and a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts teaching Investment Banking and Financial Services. Koushik has also authored books in the areas of Financial Accounting, Investment Banking and Project Management.

Koushik’s adaptability to different business situations, his motivational and problem solving skill sets make him the nucleus of the ECOFIN team. His expertise in the Finance and Strategy domains is the guiding inspiration to the team. Koushik is primarily responsible for business development, defining processes, project planning and quality management. Besides, Koushik plays an active role in understanding client requirements & communicating the same to the team.