Marketing and Sales


Marketing & sales dominates the thoughts of most of the executives in every industry. It plays a vital role in any business, and drives revenues, gains customers and fulfills the objectives of the organizations. ECOFIN’s team of leading experts and strategists in branding and marketing try to dig deeper with rigorous analyses to devise effective and competitive marketing & sales solutions, thereby unlocking the full potential of the company.

ECOFIN’s Marketing & Sales Consulting Domain focuses on:

  • Deeper insight into customer segmentation, consumer behaviors, wants, etc.
  • Insight into the requirements of the organization
  • Devising a successful Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Uncovering growth opportunities through Branding, Promotional Plans, etc.
  • Devising Optimal Pricing Strategies
  • Assisting companies to effectively manage the Sales Channels
  • Conducting Market Study with the aid of primary and secondary research
  • Providing Complete Feasibility Study
  • Providing Business Plans