Hotel & Hospitality Consulting


Any new venture or planning or evaluation in Hotel & Hospitality needs an expert opinion. ECOFIN aims to bridge that gap and provide its clients with strategic planning and operations management in the Hospitality Industry. ECOFIN’s team with its superlative skills assists in evaluating all aspects of the Hospitality Industry.

Value Added Services provided by ECOFIN Global Consulting in the Hospitality Sector

Incubation and Design: ECOFIN GC acts as the consultant and project advisor to the client in planning hospitality project. This would include, providing guidance and structure to project design, facilitation of initial project discussions with strategic partners, estimation of asset expenses, location and other issues pertaining to project Incubation.

Research Services: As an established consulting company, ECOFIN GC has a research division, which has a reputation for the providence of immaculate research reports. The studies conducted, compiled and reported by ECOFIN GC adhere to the global standards, based on first hand surveys and findings, evaluated against information from reputed primary research and cover every important aspect of requirement by the investor. These reports are compiled on a non-partial, third party opinion and have no external influence, which in turn gains them the credibility and authenticity of the industry.

Financial & Investment Intermediation: ECOFIN GC has a very strong project financing arm, spread across South Asia, Middle East, Europe and African countries. ECOFIN GC has a network of Senior Consultants who act as private advisor to many of the reputed High Net-worth Investors, Institutional Investors, Pension Funds, Hedge Funds and Private Investors. Through channels and consultants, ECOFIN GC not only avails the financing, but endeavors to arrange financing to the best interests of the project. Such financing is arranged on expert evaluation of the project requirement, client consulting and economic evaluation. ECOFIN GC provides equity financing, debt financing, mezzanine debts, convertible debentures and FDI from various social and environmental institutions. ECOFIN GC also has reputation of intermediation of prestigious projects with institutions in the E.U., World Bank and IFC. ECOFIN GC not only helps clients in expansion of their business, but also provides angel financing to startup businesses.

Hospitality Consulting: Hospitality Industry consulting remains to be another strong forte of ECOFIN GC. ECOFIN GC has been the expert consultants to various Tourism Ministries, Resorts, Hotels and Infrastructure development companies. ECOFIN GC provides end-to-end services in terms of hospitality consulting. These services include, Financial planning, F&B planning and procurement, Operator management – Negotiations, Intermediation and Selection of the best operating management for the Hotel, Resort or Commercial establishment.

Post Incubation Project Management: Being the part of project from incubation to execution, ECOFIN GC is provider of one stop shop services to the clients and investors. ECOFIN GC takes pride in not only sourcing opportunities and making them operational, but we also ensure a smooth operational execution of the projects, by constant monitoring of them, facilitation of operational effectiveness, enhancing cost efficiency and problem solving. This helps in achieving a win-win situation for the project promoters and the strategic or investment partners. ECOFIN GC takes pride in the creation of such projects, which are valued as not just investments, but a source of contribution for economic development.

Owner Representation: On the successful completion of the project, and establishment of an operational, organizational and financial system, the role of ECOFIN GC ends officially and unofficially. But many of ECOFIN GC’s clients, being impressed by the Company’s resourcefulness and value creation, hire ECOFIN GC as Owners’ Representative. In such contracts, ECOFIN GC deploys its senior consultants and team for the constant evaluation of the operation, for advisory on new sales and marketing strategy and on profitability realization on monthly and yearly basis. ECOFIN GC through its strong team helps in managing the enterprise to the stage of break even. This brings a sense of satisfaction towards ECOFIN GC’s duties for the promoter and the investor. ECOFIN GC has also been the turnaround management consultants for many enterprises that were loss making organizations.